April 2014 Ipsy Glam Bag

Hello! I have been so busy lately with finals and projects. It is my senior year of college after all, so I am getting pretty busy. Thank God there is only 1 more week of school. After next Wednesday, I am free forever! But then I have to start working full time lol. Anyway, here is my April glam bag! This month was okay. There wasn’t anything that I was in love with like my February bag. That one was still my favorite. This month’s theme is “Beauty Rocks” and basically a rock star theme. The bag is okay. By the way, still trying to find some more uses for all my ipsy bags!


  • Urban Decay 24/7 Velvet Glide On Pencil (Black) – I believe this is actually my first ever Urban Decay product! At first, I was so excited to get this travel size pencil. Urban Decay and black eyeliner? Can’t enough of it. However, this was a total let down. The eyeliner sucks so bad! It’s meant for smudging to create a smoky look, but it’s just a hot mess. It goes on not that creamy, pretty dry but not too dry. But the worst park is the flaking. Holy flakes! Black dots all over my under eyes. All over the inside of my eyeballs! After wiping all the dots away, which is annoying because it smudge), I continued to get flakes under there throughout the day. Seriously, my cheap drugstore pencil eyeliners are better than this. People all over ipsy community are raving about this and I don’t know why. Because if this didn’t have UD brand on it, I wouldn’t think it was. I feel like throwing this out because I don’t wanna go through the messy trouble of wearing this.
  • Cailyn Tinted Lip Balm (Apple Pink) – This “lip balm” is similar to the Mica one I got in the January bag. Don’t be fooled thinking this is a lip balm because it isn’t. It’s just a lipstick in a pot. I do like the soft color, matte finish, and the brush. Not a fan of the packaging though.
  • Elizabeth Mott pop! goes the shadow (Champagne) – Full size, single eyeshadow in a very wearable color. I’ve only worn this once and used it as a brow bone highlight. You could probably use this on the cheeks too. I really like the tiny cute packaging of it!
  • dr. brandt microdermabrasion – I love receiving skin care products because I know I will use it up. This cream is an exfoliant with a citrusy smell. I do love it and use it on my face 1 or 2x a week. Looking forward to see the results!
  • St. Tropez Gradual Tan Plus Anti-Aging Multi-Face – A tanning lotion for the face and first St. Tropez item. I’ve heard of this brand before. Since summer is coming up, this could probably be put to good use.

And that’s it! I like the skin care items in this bag the most.

To sign up for Ipsy: http://www.ipsy.com/r/1gu1

~ Quinn


DIY Nail Polish Rack

Today I made a DIY nail polish rack that holds about 100+ nail polishes. I got the idea from a youtube guru, Nicole Guerriero and decided to make one since it looked so easy! And it is! The hardest part was the cutting. The edges weren’t that straight but once I put duct tape over it, it was alright. Check it out below. I’m very proud of it!


Here is all you need to make your own nail polish rack:
3 foam boards
glue gun with glue
X-acto knife
duct tape

I got the boards at Dollar Tree and the rest from Wal Mart.

Step 1: Draw a line every 4 1/2 inches on one of your board. Draw with a ruler to make a single line. This is the back of the rack and where we will place the shelves. Put that aside.

Step 2: Draw a line every 2 inches on the second board. Again, connect the two sides with a ruler. This will be your shelf that sticks out. Mark it to make seven shelves.

Step 3: After you marked the 2 1/2 inches for the shelves, on the same board, this time mark 1 inch and make seven of those. Again, connect the lines on both sides. Those 1 inch lines will be a barrier for the shelves.

Step 4: On the third board, draw (two) 2 1/2 inches on the long, vertical side. This will be the sides of your board.

Step 5: Cut out all the lines you drew with the knife. You will have 7 shelves, 7 barriers, 2 sides, and one board.

Step 6: Hot glue the 7 shelves on to the lines you first drew on the back board. Then glue the 1-inch piece on top of the shelves. If you decide to decorate yours with duct tape, do that first and then glue it on.

Step 7: Glue the two sides.

There you have it! An awesome nail polish rack for your collection. 🙂

~ Quinn

Lorac Pro Palette

Lorac Pro Palette
Retail Price: $42
Available: loraccosmetics.com, Ulta, HSN

My boyfriend asked me what kind of palette I wanted and I e-mailed him my Ulta wish list! Out of the four that I had, he picked the Lorac Pro palette and I am so glad that’s what I got! I have been eying this thing for awhile now and many Youtubers and beauty bloggers highly recommended this palette. It has a total of 16 shades, 8 mattes and 8 shimmers. I did my first eye look today with it.  So far, I really like the pigmentation and blendability (just made that up). It is powdery so be very careful dipping your brush in it and tapping it off. See pictures below of my new love!



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Happy Birthday to Me!

It is my birthday today and I turned 22! Woohoo! I haven’t posted in awhile because I’ve been sick and busy. I am also wanting to get a new camera to take pictures with but I am not sure which to get. Currently, I just use my Galaxy S4 phone or Nikon D3000. Sorry for the lack of posts. So I guess I’ll just post a birthday beauty wish list. Basically things that I am eyeing.

  • It Costmetics Naturally Pretty Palette – The full name for this palette is actually pretty long. I was browsing Ulta and spotted this thing. I want it because it has all matte eyeshadows and the perfect amount of neutrals, browns, mauves. Those are totally my colors. Plus I have read all positive reviews on it! Definitely a must have but still wondering if I should get it or not.
  • GlamGlow Supermud Clearing Treatment – I have been hearing so many great things on the GlamGlow masks. This particular one is for treating acne I believe. I am all into skincare now and would love to try this one out.
  • Anastasia Dipbrow Promade – Right now I am using the Elf eyebrow kit to fill in my brows. I like the wax and it’s very natural looking and last a long time. But sometimes, I want a more bolder brow and this Dipbrow might do the job. I am also really getting into brow products. The price for this isn’t all too bad either. I’ll probably get it in Dark Brown.

Those are the three top items on my wish list. 😀